It's all about Liberty and Prosperity!

Shane Coley

A Real Leader Bringing Clarity in a Time of Confusion

Shane Coley is a leader whose vision and passion for truth is bringing people together to fight for our homes and businesses today, and for our children's Liberty tomorrow.

"I am so pleased and humbled by the support this message is receiving from within the district and across the nation," said Coley. "To already have national recognition based on the message in a state senate race tells me the message is right."

Shane has stood firm against all those who have advised that the message of Liberty will not win an election. His view is that the election for Shane Coley is not what is at stake. What is at stake are the foundations of Liberty and Prosperity in a mighty nation that is being brought to its knees by destructive systems. Shane is committed to leading the way to a restoration of the knowledge and understanding of the foundations of Liberty.

Getting any message out, including the message of Liberty, costs money. Help us defeat tyranny and begin the process of reclaiming lifetimes of labor and production by helping spread this message of Liberty far and wide in the race to elect Shane Coley as our next District 47 State Senator!

$5, $25, $50, $100, $250, or more; anything you can give, we will put to good use. We will win this battle of ideas, and the election, thanks to the support of Liberty lovers in Georgia and across this great nation!

Interested check writers may send snail mail here:

Committee to Elect Shane Coley
P.O. Box 35
Statham, GA 30666

Shane is recognized as a Liberty Candidate!