What Shane has to say about the issues of Property:

Private Property

The notion of private property in our nation is false. Do not pay your property tax and see how the government responds. Liberty cannot be sustained apart from real private property. We must restore private property rights.

Your Money

Recognizing that people eat food and use things, I have learned that at the end of the day everything boils down to productivity. We do not eat money or wear money or live in money. Costless money, like the US Dollar, is never actually used, except in exchange for something someone has produced. I am convinced that restoring our monetary system as defined by the constitution would strengthen the family, empower small business and eliminate the basis and need for most government actions.

Taxes and the Fair Tax

I am in favor of the fair tax because it eliminates the need for tax-based record keeping and reminds the taxpayer, with every purchase, just how much the government is charging us for the services we never see. The fair tax does not go far enough, but it is a start. In addition, I will fight to reduce government spending with every vote.

Employment and Jobs

The cost of one government-created job is two private sector jobs.

Creating one job and destroying two reduces jobs and increases unemployment.

This is exactly what the government does when it grows in size or claims to create jobs or stimulate the economy. This is wasteful, destructive, and more than our struggling economy can bear. I will work to change that. When government shrinks, we leave resources with those in the private sector who are the job creators. If the citizens reclaim the resources government uses to fund one job, the efficient private sector will use those resources to create at least two new jobs.

Illegal Immigration

Enforce our immigration laws.

There are more illegal immigrants in Georgia than in Arizona. We have to deal with this issue.

We need to enforce the immigration laws we already have on the books. Until the Arizona law was passed, Georgia had immigration law that was among the toughest in the nation. But we don't enforce the law.

We need to enforce current illegal immigration laws in Georgia.

We must STOP giving out free healthcare, welfare and social services to illegal immigrants.

In addition to cutting government spending, we must START collecting taxes from immigrants, just like we do for law abiding citizens.

I fully support strong immigration laws AND the enforcement of those laws.

    "I absolutely and vehemently oppose the federal government filing suit against Arizona over the AZ immigration law! Insanity. How can the federal government, which violates the US Constitution daily, file suit against the states and people which grant it limited power?" ~ Shane Coley

    "The federal government has created the illegal immigration problems that we face today. We now face Constitutional, legal and economic considerations tangled together into a knot. While searching for a workable solution to our illegal immigation problems, we must not foolishly destroy business and the economy that help Americans keep their jobs and feed their families. Solving a problem of this magnitude is complex and requires knowledge, wisdom and fortitutde." ~ Shane Coley

One of my opponents is using a FALSE statement in a Barrow Journal newspaper article and then further distorting my position with more FALSE claims. Even the misleading article itself shows that the attack is unfounded because all the candidates were reported as favoring better immigration control.

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