On the Issues

Life | Liberty | Property

Shane Coley believes that each of the issues affecting Georgians today fall into one of these three catagories.

Click the links for Life, Liberty and Property to learn more about Shane's stand on taxes, government spending, education, healthcare, the second amendment, abortion, illegal immigration and more.

    Shane Coley printed his campaign flyer in the summer of 2009. All who know Shane well, know the hallmark of his life & campaign are consistency.

    Two important issues have been added for clarification.

    Shane's position on all these issues has been consistent and unchanging.

    "I absolutely and vehemently oppose the federal government filing suit against Arizona over the AZ immigration law! Insanity. How can the federal government, which violates the US Constitution daily, file suit against the states and people which grant it limited power?" ~ Shane Coley

Arizona Style Immigration Law

    "Shane Coley has always supported the maximum and most aggressive enforcement of our immigration laws. As your state senator he will combine toughness and wisdom in finding solutions to the problem of illegal immigration. "

    "Government produces nothing and wastes much. We must reduce the scope and power of government." ~ Shane Coley

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Issues and Solutions

  • Government produces nothing and wastes much. We must reduce the scope and power of government.
  • Reduce spending, taxes, and regulations in order to restore liberty, stimulate economic growth, and create jobs.
  • Protect and promote our agricultural interests.   Food production is vital to Georgia's future security and prosperity.
  • Promote Atlanta-to-Athens high-tech corridor to attract new business and more jobs.
  • Excellence in education is the engine to power economic growth.
  • Free market solutions for Georgia's transportation and water supply needs.
  • Protect and expand private property rights.
  • Defend our 2nd Amendment right to keep and bear arms.
  • Pro Life. Support Human Life Amendment to Constitution.
  • Marriage is an exclusive covenant: one man, one woman.

  • Prior to media hyped Arizona law, Georgia immigration law set one of the toughest standards in the nation for dealing with illegal immigration, but the Georgia law has not been enforced. We must enforce our immigration laws. It does no good to pass more immigration laws if the current strong immigration laws are not enforced. I fully support strong immigration laws AND the enforcement of those laws.
  • The second item under Issues and Solutions focuses on getting government spending under control and taxation reduced to a minimum. There are several things to do in this regard and the Fairtax is one of those things. We need the relief of the Fairtax... and more.

Life | Liberty | Property